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Cheap December Umrah Packages 2021

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Plan & Book Your Customized December Umrah Packages 2021

December is the month of happiness, relaxation and holidays. Those Muslims who lived in the UK, they are in search of cheap December Umrah package from a well-known organization. Indeed, all your tour is depending on the best tour operators. Righteously, there is no fixed time for completing the Umrah rituals.

With, you’ll get one of the best December Umrah packages 2021 that entirely comes according to your taste. Well, we provide a list of our rules and regulation, when our beloved customer visited our office. Before traveling, you must have to submit the December Visa application form, with correct information.

How To Apply For December Umrah Visa?

Your December Umrah journey is depended on your visa application. The process will take time like 15 days or 20 days. The pilgrim submitted their application with the help of an approved travel agency that is Our dealing style is different and we never lead our client in the waiting list. We deal with UK clients with full priorities. You probably think what you required for applying in December visa application, here is the list:

Umrah Application

If you don’t want rejection of Umrah visa, then it is essential to fill original and complete information. Make it sure you carefully read the application from top to bottom and then sign it. The applicant gets the visa application through TCS and transfers it to the nearest Saudi consultant.

Recently Images

It is important to attach two recent passport size pictures with white background. An applicant must attach the images with their Umrah visa application form. Also, it is important that the applicant directly looks in camera because no side face and irrelevant images are required.

Proof Of Muslim

An applicant must attach a certificate from the nearest mosque and Islamic institute. Basically, it shows that the Muslim identity. (this is preferably needed when you got a non-Muslim name) Applicant passport: It must be valid for about 6 months starting from the date of submission. In case, the expiry date of visa is near then it is better to renew it first.

Get Cheap Airline Tickets

It must be non-refundable. The tickets must be arranged by your agent, as it is included in the December Umrah deal. It is important that the pilgrim will depart within the two weeks from the entry date.

Mehram Certificate

Traveling toward the world of Ihram need identification certificate of Mehram because children and women are not allowed to travel alone. It is better to travel with a male member of the family that is known as Mehram. It can be your father, brother, and husband. It is important to submit the Mehram certificate for instance marriage certificate, child certificate, etc. Additionally, it is important that the Mehram must travel toward Saudi Arabia with their children, sister, and wife.

The Rule For A Woman Age 45 Years

If a woman age is up to 45 years then it is not permitted to travel with Mahram. She can travel alone and make their December Umrah with full priority. All of you need to submit their birth certificate and Id card that shows their exact age. All the things must attach to the visa application.

Submitted Their Citizen Card

This rule is for those applicants, who are not the citizen of the country, for instance, UK Muslims, thus they have to submit their residency permit along with the December visa application form.

Vaccination Certificate

It is essential to attach the vaccination certificate along with the visa form. Make it sure that you attach the recent vaccination certificate that is no older than 10 days. The vaccination certificate is like the valid proof, so you will take the medicine otherwise the Saudi’s government neglect the medicine.

What Is The Validity Of The December Umrah Visa?

Generally, the Umrah visa validity can be for 15 days or 30 days. Meanwhile, the pilgrim didn’t allow to stay for more than 30 days. If you choose 15 days December Umrah package, then you have to leave the Saudi’s state on 14 days. Meanwhile, abiding all the rules is obliged for every pilgrim, so the result comes seriously.

Our agent gets in touch throughout the journey, so that you never face any issue. We have a team of professional and well organized that cover up your religious tour and provide updates of your tour. Two days before your package last, you will get a notification about your package ending.

What Do You Get In December Umrah Deals 2021?

Probably, you’ll think that what are the services that one can get from us. We are a fully experienced and qualified tour operator. With our customized December Umrah deal 2021, you are free to add or remove the accommodation so the package will be your budget adjustable. We never underestimate our clients and never played with their emotions. We are thoroughly a satisfying travel agency that has the ability to make your religious trip – a special one. What you will get from us?

1. Deal customers with the core of heart.
2. We book your Umrah package directly from the UK.
3. Never face a hassle in your tour.
4. Get the desired accommodations according to your choice.
5. We offer to advance December Umrah booking service.
6. Provide 24/7 customer guideline service.

Those who visited our office will get the transcript in which our traveling terms and conditions are mentioned. With our service, you never ever face trouble one journey. Our primary aim is to provide full satisfaction result of traveling within a shortage of time. If you have a trust issue, then you can ask our previous client's contact list.

We introduce the advance booking service specifically for our beloved clients. Book our 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star December Umrah package that comes in your budget. Don’t forget to book your December tour in advance.