What is Umrah

In Arabic terminology Umrah means is “to pay a visit to populated area”. According to the religion Islam before starting the sacred journey of performing minor pilgrimage, Muslim first have to pay all of his or her liabilities and all the dues. This is the sacred journey and this brings great changes in Muslims life. A person need to be well prepared before leaving for the journey of lifetime for the performance of Umrah or Hajj, a person who is willing to undertake the sacred journey must pack important thing which he will going to be need there like extra sheets of Ihram, Tooth brush, unscented lotion cream etc, an umbrella, sleepers, nail cutter, mobile chargers or charger of any other gadget that you are taking with yourself, basic and necessary Medicines, unscented soap and shampoo, small towel, and any other thing which you consider necessary. When person make him or her prepares internally, mentally and financially for undertaking the most important sacred journey in the life of every Muslim. Every Muslim must plan perfectly and try to make real logistic decisions for his or her journey of lifetime.

Umrah is Sacred Journey

This is not just like an ordinary journey that is done for the enjoyment, this is the sacred voyage which is performed with the strong aim to earn maximum blessing and rewards and asking forgiveness for the past committed sins, Muslims nowadays taking this sacred journey very lightly and do not focus in doing acts of worship, few people perform rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage not by heart. Muslims should indulge themselves deeply in performing acts of worship to get blessings and unlimited rewards.

Blessings of Umrah

Every sane Muslim who is physically and financially able to undertake this sacred journey must perform minor pilgrimage, this is although not an obligatory pilgrimage but it is highly suggested to perform as it is sunnah. Minor pilgrimage can be performed more than once, as many times a person can afford to perform it. Umrah is the blessed journey to city Makkah which helps in washing away sins of pilgrims. Minor pilgrimage can be performed throughout the whole year during anytime of the whole the year but performing minor pilgrimage in the month of Holy Ramadan brings many uncountable blessings and is superior to other days. According to Hadeeth Performing minor pilgrimage in Holy Ramadan is equal to performing Hajj with Prophet (PBUH).

Pillars of Minor Pilgrimage

Minor pilgrimage is consists of four pillars which must have to be perform in order to complete Umrah. Pillars of minor pilgrimage are:

  • Getting enter into the state of Ihram.
  • Tawaaf or circumambulation seven times around Holy Kaaba.
  • Saaee which is the walking in fast pace seven times between the hills of Safa and Marwah seven times.
  • Halq and Taqseer.

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