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Eligibility Criteria For Perform Umrah


This article will help you to decide whether you are eligible for performing Umrah or not. We have gathered detailed information which we are going to tell you regarding basic conditions and requirements which are that are necessary to perform minor pilgrimage.

    * A person who is intending to perform Umrah, must be a Muslim. Non-Muslims are strictly not allowed even to enter in the Makkah and thus they are not required to undertake this sacred journey. For the performance of Umrah a person have to be Muslim.

    * Another condition is that a person must be matured enough to perform all the rites and rituals of minor pilgrimage. He or she should reach the level of puberty when they intend to perform Umrah. If a child performs minor pilgrimage before reaching the level of puberty, they will be rewarded for performing that but still they will have to go again when they reach level of puberty.

    * A person should be free from any kind of imprisonment and slavery in order to perform ‘Umrah, if he or she is slave then they can not be able to perform minor pilgrimage.

    * For performing minor pilgrimage a person needs to be mentally fit, able and well, because mentally sick or insane person will not be able to understand the importance and purpose behind performing any rite of umrah.

    * A person should have to be physically able and financially sound, in order to start your journey of lifetime. A person is not allowed to borrow money or ask for financial help to any one. It is advisable to start doing exercise and walk before leaving for umrah, because you need to walk there more.

    * Another most important condition to meet for performing Umrah is that females should go for this sacred journey with their respective mehram. Travelling with mehram is essential because it saves females from evils, in other words we can say that we should avoid taking risk and do not commit any kind of forbidden or prohibited act because we are on our way to sacred journey for doing more and more acts of worship. Mehrams for females are their brother; father, husband, nephew, son and any other male whom she can not marry are her Mehram. If a woman does not have any mehram and not capable to go for ‘Umrah abd if she has a age of 45 or more then she can travel with the group but she needs to show NOC. But in all cases if a female who meets all the eligibilities and conditions for minor pilgrimage but she do not have mehram then she can not go to experience the sacred journey.

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