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Important Things for Hajj Packaging

Important Things

Hajj is included in the fifth pillar of Islam or the pilgrimage toward Mecca. For every Muslim, whether it is male or female, Hajj is included as an important obligatory act. It means a Muslim has to perform the Hajj once in your life, as long as they are financially or physically fit.

However, Hajj journey is quite different from other journey means you need some guideline or instruction before going. Make sure that you are choosing the best travel agency, who book your journey in the most capable way.

Before going to Hajj, It is important to prepare yourself from mentally, physically or spiritually

Pick Up Small Travel Bag Like Pouch:

When it comes to packaging, you need to keep minimum things means don’t overload your bag with unnecessary things. It is essential to have a small travel pouch especially that one which you can easily wear. So, you can wear important documents in it like:

  • Airplane ticket
  • Money
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Travel Documents

  • In case, you come from the non-Muslim country then you need to bring your Shahadah certificate, which clearly shows that you are Muslim. Also, bring the photocopy of your documents and put the original one in your hand.

    Things That Come In Your Suitcase:

    At the time of Hajj, you have to travel different Holy places, therefore, choose that bag which is easy for carrying. It is recommended that choose only lightweight suitcase or a backpack. Forget about the physical appearance at the time of Hajj, so it means you don’t need a heavy suitcase. In your suitcase, the following things should be included.

  • Slippers
  • A Small Towel
  • Extra cloth set, means out three to four and one Ihram clothes
  • A sandal pai
  • Medications
  • Folding Umbrella
  • Snacks like dry fruits
  • Put some toiletries like unscented soap, sun lotion or toothbrush
  • Toilet roll
  • A shoe bag that is helpful at the time of carrying

  • Meanwhile, toiletries like soap, shampoo or deodorant are used when you are not in Ihram; it's like a state of purity. It is your duty to pick a different color of a suitcase because black color is popular. Also, put a ribbon that shows your suitcase in a different manner.

    If you are planning to perform Hajj in 2020, then choose the best Hajj service that is travel agency for perfect Hajj Packages. We provide a proper guideline in which each and everything is included, means we prepare you physically, mentally or spiritually, so you can perform your Hajj without any difficulties. Before embarking, get proper information about the Hajj journey. For more information, contact the helpline of Travel agency.

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