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How to Perform Umrah


Umrah is a sacred minor pilgrimage which is performed by true souls and pure intention, after drinking blessed water of zamzam pilgrims move towards the two sacred for performing saaee. Then pilgrim reaches to sacred hill of safa and marwa and runs between these two hills seven times for performing saaee.

Because of too much crowd it is natural to get push so it is advised to be calm and tranquil, avoid getting angry and do not fight with anyone if any thing happens. This the test of your tolerance so make sure that not any other person or pilgrim gets hurt by you. Completing and fulfilling all the step of minor pilgrimage peacefully and calmly is very important. Pilgrims moves towards the incline on the Safa hill and then turns their faces towards the Holy Kaaba and makes supplications, among all the other blessed times of umrah, it is also a time where pilgrim’s dua’s are accepted and one must pray with heart.

A person must walk between the blessed hills of Safa and Marwa and there are green coloured lights are fixed which indicates that pilgrim should run between these lights, until they reaches to the hill of Marwa. Here pilgrim must supplicate as they did after reaching at the hill of Safa. There are seven rounds which pilgrims have to perform to complete the saaee and the round between Safa and Marwa considered as one complete round; and by following this person must complete its seven rounds starting from Safa hill and ending at Marwa hill.

After performing saaee, pilgrim reaches to the last step of completing Umrah which is doing Halq or taqseer. Shaving and trimming of the head hairs must be done in the last step, male pilgrims are advised to shave off their head hairs completely and female pilgrims are advised to trim their hairs from bottom about an inch. After halq and taqseer pilgrims can takeoff their Ihram and become free to from the prohibitions of Ihram.

Prohibitions of Ihram:

  • Pilgrims can not cut their nails
  • Pilgrims can’t trim or cut their hairs
  • Woman are prohibited to cover her hand or face, she can not use veil and hand gloves
  • Pilgrims in the state of Ihram are not allowed to use perfume or scented soaps, powder, lotions etc. In flights you are provided with scented tissues so make sure that you must not use that because it contains perfume.
  • Men can not wear sewn clothes and they also can’t cover their head
  • It is prohibited to hunt animal or to play any kind of hunting game, even pilgrims can not kill their body lice

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