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Make Yourself Spiritually Ready For Umrah


Most of the people among us often fail to make the necessary and essential spiritual preparation before going to perform Umrah and Hajj. Because of this reason, they do not gain the proper effectiveness of their worship acts. There is a great importance of Ksnowledge in Islam. We should get proper knowledge and information of what we are going to do while performing Hajj and Umrah and in all the acts of worship. Umrah is a great act of worship in Islam although, it is not obligatory but it is highly recommended to perform if a person is financially and physically able so one should make proper preparations before going to sacred journey. Following we are discussing some necessary spiritual preparations for Umrah.

    1- Right Guidance:

The best advice if you are going to perform Umrah is to get proper and correct guidance about every part of Umrah, every worship and prayers, every juncture, how to deal, what to eat, or every inconvenience you might face. A person should know How to perform all the voluntary and obligatory Prayers, how to do circumambulation (Tawaf) and from where to start and in which direction, how to do Saaee etc. Every ritual of Umrah should be done according to the practices and teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The only way to perform the Umrah and all acts of worship is Sunnah.

    2-Try to Be Patient:

During your journey to Umrah, some sudden unpleasant situations may take place that need to be deal with extreme patience. For example some kind of travel inconveniences, you may be suffer because of the quality of services, the hustle of huge throng, the weather conditions (mostly hot) and some unpredictable behaviours and attitudes of different people from different nations of the world.

    3-Control your tongue:

Nowadays, casual usage of the tongue is for negative things but a person should have to control his tongue if he is going to perform Hajj and Umrah. A true Muslim never uses abusive language or talks extra and unnecessary and always guards his tongue from all kind of lewd talk. After performing all the rituals of Umrah and making supplications, Pilgrims often visit some malls or shops to get some eatables. During this, they involve themselves in discussing different topics such as foreign affairs, politics, talking about other peoples and criticism and many other things that are not considered necessary and these kind of thong must be avoided during the sacred of Hajj and Umrah. You are on a sacred journey to get more and more blessings from ALLAH Almighty. So you should keep yourself busy in praying instead of any other unnecessary activities. If you want to talk, you should discuss the topic of Islam and teach moralities.

    4-Be Relax and Calm:

Throughout your whole journey you should remain calm and stay relax and deal all the circumstances with patience. You should consider that all these things and circumstances are occurring to test your patience. The degree of reward and return from ALLAH Almighty varies with the increase in hard times and difficulties and ALLAH Almighty never burdens a person more than his tolerance level. So, be mentally and physically prepared yourself to bear all these circumstances in order to avoid any kind of destruction of your spiritual journey.

    5- It is a Time to Improve Your Connection with ALLAH Almighty:

If you look at the rites and rituals of Umrah according to Sunnah, then there are higher chances of the acceptance of your acts in Umrah. All the rituals and rites of Umrah are sacred, such as wearing Ihram, doing Tawaaf (circumambulation) and Saaee and in last Halq and taqseer are the holy acts of worships of performing Umrah. Now t is up to you to that how much you involve yourself in doing worship acts, make supplications, recitation of Holy Quran and Zikar. You are on the spiritual journey of your life, then why miss any available chance of worship to please ALLAH Amighty? As Umrah is the sacred act of worship, so throughout your sacred journey always keep on praying and reciting verses from Holy Quran in order to get the best out of your journey.

    6- Be Up-to-date:

During Umrah, pilgrim has to experience and perform several ritual and rites according to Sunnah. But you will also see some unnatural acts done by many people. They were doing so because of lack of knowledge as considering the part of Umrah. This unawareness and misconception lead to the destruction and not acceptance of Umrah. A person should be aware of the correct and factual knowledge about the rites and rituals of performing Umrah in light of Sunnah. Pilgrim must know that what he or she is doing and what should to do. You should also know about the reason and importance of each rite you perform during Umrah. All these should be learned before a person set off for Umrah. This will help you during your sacred journey and make you mentally aware of wrong and right and help in preventing from any kind of distractions.
Maintain cleanliness of your clothes, the place where you stay, and hygiene in your drink and food because keeping clean and hygiene will help you in preserving your health and in repelling sicknesses. Avoid smoking, showing bad manners and insulting and behaving badly with others, as this is sinfulness act and can harm your Umrah.

Umrah is a minor pilgrimage to Mecca and is not obligatory in the Islam religion and every Muslim wishes to perform Umrah once in his life. Umrah is of great importance in the life of the Muslim and is the desire of all Muslims to make the minor pilgrimage. To fulfill your wishes for the minor pilgrimage, we are here to provide you with the complete and reliable Umrah services of the United Kingdom. Now we offer our customers cheap Umrah package with flights. So do not waste your time and take advantage of this offer.

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